GP Prima 100

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✅ Manufacturer:  Geneza Pharmaceuticals
✅ Brand Name:  GP Prima 100
✅ Dosage forms:  10 ml (100 mg/ml)
✅ Drug Status:         Androgens and anabolic steroids
✅ Active Substance:   Methenolone Enanthate
✅ Generic name:  Primalab-100, Primobol 10ml, Primoplex 100, Primorox, Xeno Primo 100

GP Prima 100 from Geneza Pharmaceuticalsis an injectable steroid that contains the hormone metenolone enanthate in a readiness of 100 mg per mL. The ester of this compound makes it moderately potent, and therefore infusions can be less consistent. Athletes using this steroid often follow a measurement schedule of two to three injections each week. GP Primo, as it is also called, is a well-known steroid among athletes who are in a "slashing" period of training and eating less junk food.

This steroid is extremely mild in nature and seems to pair well with weight control plans with calorie restriction. GP Prima 100 does not aromatize in the body, so estrogenic results, such as edema, should not be a concern. Weightlifters with reasonably low body fat will see an increase in clarity and bulk. This steroid has apparently been the top choice of the incomparable Arnold Schwarzenagger for quite some time.

Those hoping to use GP Primo in a cycle can add it to a small portion of testosterone and oral drugs like stanozolol or oxandrolone. GP Prima 100 is also a popular steroid among female athletes because its low androgenic properties and mild nature make it a safe solution for them. Men often use Primo at a dosage of 300-800 mg per week, somewhere in the 8-16 week range, while women find that 50-100 mg usually produces attractive results.

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GP Prima 100