Support Center FAQs

How to communicate with our staff?

A ticket is a customer message submitted at It allows our staff to quickly review your case for immediate attention. Our ticket system is a simple communications tool that allows us to communicate with you privately, right on our website. This is useful when discretion is desired. This online tool provides an alternative to email support and helps expedite the review of your case. The support software will also send our reply to your email address. You can always check our responses online, right on this support page. It may be very necessary in cases your email spam filters blocks our messages. General Tickets are replied to within 12 hours max. While our Live support is available 24/7.

How to create a ticket with our staff?

Please register and/or log into your existing account. You will be able to submit a new ticket and view your ticket history.

Payment FAQs

Methods of Payment

Our available payment methods are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Western Union, MoneyGram (online payments are accepted), Zelle (online payments are accepted) and RIA. Debit cards may be used to fill your Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets. Your preferred payment method is chosen in the checkout process. Once the order is placed, a detailed, stress-free guide will be provided to have your payment quickly processed. Should you need any further assistance, our billing department is ready to assist you at

Paying with Western Union or MoneyGram

When you checkout your order on our site, please select your preferred payment plan. You are then given payment details and instructions. Please take these details to your nearest agency, to fill out a very short and easy form. We cannot accept online transactions, as a security measure. Once completed, a receipt will be provided, with payment confirmation details. Use that receipt to fill in your payment confirmation details, on your order page. Once done, your payment will be processed by our payment department.

Paying with Bitcoins and Litecoins

Save 10% on any non-sale items, when you use Bitcoin or Litecoin! With the exponential growth of digital currencies, we have been given a great opportunity for fast, secure, and legal transfers. It is completely anonymous for those looking to keep their life private. For more details, please use the guide provided in checkout. DISCLAIMER: Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) are not the same thing.

Shipping FAQs

Transit and delivery time

Once your tracking has updates, the shipping-time clock has started. Your tracking details will give you the precise date of shipment. Please refer to this as your first day of shipment. For international shipments, there are two sets of customs your package must go through – from the country of origin and the country of destination. Please do not be alarmed by this. It is completely normal and required before a package can exit a country and enter a new one. Because of this, you will not experience the speed of a package shipped domestically. It takes time and unfortunately the time is neither measurable nor predictable. Due this process, the overall shipping time frame is between 1-4 weeks. Though it can be annoying, patience is required at times.

Methods of shipment

We have tested several types of shipping procedures, to verify the most successful methods. After many successful years in business, Regular Airmail and EMS has proven to be the most successful, in terms of the highest rates of delivery, within a reasonable shipping time frame. That is an expert opinion. We do not take extra charge for EMS shipping method, unless HGH & Peptides products. The highest success rate of your package is our highest priority. We take pride in achieving the best possible results for you, as a loyal customer.

Tracking numbers

Most packages will have a tracking number. If not, it’s a very rare case. Once shipped, direct tracking links are available on your order page. Click the tracking number on your order page and select the available tracking link to follow-up. Your order page can be found here under My Account.

Shipping to P.O. Box

All the shipping options we offer deliver to P.O Box addresses, except courier services like UPS, Fedex, DHL etc. We ask that you please double check your address information to ensure accuracy before submitting it to us in order to avoid any possible delays. Please be sure you are using the registered addressee (name registered at that address). Use of anything otherwise, runs the risk of non-delivery or customs detention.

My Account

Order history

Under your account settings, you’ll have an itemized list of order you have placed, along with their independent details. As an added measure of security, we periodically purge old orders details.

Guest checkout

At this time, we do not support guest checkout. To place an order, you must be registered on our website.

Register your account

To register your account, please follow this link You must fill out all fields with a red asterisk.

Trouble logging in

If you are having trouble logging in or if you have forgotten your password, you can request a temporary replacement, under the "Lost Password?" tab.

Ordering FAQs

Signing for a package

We do not require a signature. However, the post office may ask for one. It is at times at the post employee’s discretion. Sometimes a notice is not left but the tracking details will always indicate attempted delivery, if a signature is required, when the recipient is not home to sign. Close attention to your tracking details will prevent any issues in these cases.

Order minimum

You are free to order as small an order as you please. We have no limitations on order volume. A small order is a great way to test our service and product quality!

Order process

Now that your order has been marked as paid, your package is ready to be carefully and discreetly packed up for shipping. It is important to note, that we take your privacy very seriously. We make sure not to include ANY markers or evidence of the contents on the outside of the package. Given the contents are of a sensitive nature; very special steps must be taken to ensure a safe entry into your country of destination. This process itself averages 5 business days, not including weekends. Once the package has left our facility, a tracking number will be provided to you.

Checking your order status

Under your account, click the eye next to your order and all up-to-date details will be available. For any questions about the process, refer to faq "Order Process".

Canceling or making changes to an order

Once your package is marked "paid", we can no longer make changes to the order or cancel it. If an order has not yet been marked "paid", you may request these changes with our staff.

Items out of stock

If an item is out of stock, please monitor the product page for any updates. We keep our inventory well-updated. Some items take longer to replenish than others.

Trouble receiving our emails

If your email provider is filtering out our emails, try adding our website as a trusted email address in your address book. This usually works. If not, you may need to consider the option of using a different email address altogether. If that is not an option, your last resort is to refer only to your order page for all updates. You get real-time updates on your order page, under the Account Settings tab.

Returns FAQs

Receive the wrong amount, wrong thing or items are damaged

It is unfortunate but at rare times, someone may be at the receiving end of human error. If you receive the wrong thing or the wrong ordered amount, please be sure to contact us immediately at new and provide us with the following items, for prompt resolution: A clear and readable copy of your envelope. We should be able to read the tracking, addresses, etc. A clear and identifiable copy of what was received in the package. Once submitted, we will conduct a review. If your case is valid, we will escalate a compensation plan of your choice – reshipment of missing/wrong items or store credit.

Countries with High security Customs

Not all countries share the same success rate with our shipments. Some countries have a higher security clearance. If you are uncertain of your countries success rate, please contact our support and we will happily clarify. Unfortunately, we cannot hold ourselves accountable for shipments to at-risk countries. When your order is placed, a clear set of terms and conditions are provided to you. The order will not be completed, without your review and acknowledgment.

If a package get's seized

Please refer to our FAQ, titled "Countries with High security Customs". If you are NOT in a high risk country, you may be eligible for a replacement package or store credit. Please read in full as your case may fall in one of the following categories.

Refer to your tracking details to confirm the shipped date.

If your tracking shows the package entered your country but hasn’t moved in 3 weeks, we will submit a request for compensation – either reshipment or store credit (your choice). If your package did not enter your country, 30 days have gone by without any tracking updates, we will submit a request for compensation – either reshipment or store credit (your choice). In some cases, a letter from customs will be received. Please save the letter and envelope, a copy of each will need to be included in our review. Submission of these documents will result in a much faster response time in your review. In either case, please contact our support staff at new for more detailed instructions. It is important to note that our support staff is NOT authorized to approve your compensation plan. A request is made to our Supervising Director for overall review. Once their review is complete, our support will notify you of the final results.

Package is returning to sender

To prevent unwanted attention on ourselves, we must use a faux return address. Our anonymity is as much a priority as your own. Occasionally, a signature may be needed, at your post’s discretion. If the buyer is not there to sign, a notice is left or tracking indicates this notice. It is at this point, that you are then responsible to claim the package with your post office. If not, the package will inevitably be "returned to sender". As a rule, we cannot take responsibility for undelivered packages, due to the buyer's mistake.

Can I refund my purchase?