Female bodybuilding – Is it same as their male counterparts?

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Female bodybuilding – Is it same as their  male counterparts?

The first question that one may ask hearing about female bodybuilding is whether it holds the same

ground as males. In general, the natural processes of bodybuilding for female bodybuilders appear to be

the same as the male bodybuilders. Both the genders need to pursue the basic training regimes to maintain

a fit and strong body. Running, jogging, squatting, and other basic physical exercises and weight training

for both the genders would equally provide benefits. However, the hormones would play their roles

indeed. That is why male bodybuilders may find a prominent visible increase than their female

counterparts. But the strengthening process of lean muscles would remain almost the same.

How female bodybuilding programs work?

Female bodybuilders also try to find the same V-shape of their body that their male counterparts strive

for. Here again, people may consider the effects of specific genetics, which properly promote the upper

body gaining or shaping up processes. Bodybuilding enthusiasts need to look forward the fundamentals of

bodybuilding before taking on challenging routines.

Segmenting the gaining processes and muscle promotions on the body may distinctively help female

individuals over the course. An eight-week cycle for bodybuilding for female bodybuilders would not

only depend on workout schedules, but also diet and timely required steroid dosages that may help them

manage proper uptakes for a changing physique.

Diet inclusions

1. High protein diet

2. Low fat dairy

3. Complex carbohydrates

4. Salmon and coconut oil


Anabolic-androgenic steroids or designer drugs can bless a woman’s body with proper shape. Anadrol,

Anavar, as well as Winstrol and Halotestin can be named in this regard. But there are severe side effects

related to the use of these steroids, which may affect natural actions of a female’s body. The AAS

components are known for aromatizing. Almost all steroids are based on testosterone or DHT. Some of

the steroids are based on nandrolone, one of the most prominent DHT itself. All these steroids are known

for aromatizing. These steroids may affect male bodies with estrogenic side effects, and female body with

excess surge of testosterone. In some cases, extreme virilization effects appear prominently among female


Compound exercises

The orders of exercises should be proper in the gyms to maintain the ratio of gaining. In this process, the

workout schedule should be started with upper body workout. Then it will be followed by leg-workout

plans. A split program would observe chest, back, shoulders, legs, and arms workouts. The exercise

regime would be ideal for 5 days in a week. Days 6 and 7 will include resting. The working out should be

controlled and as per requirement, as everyone may not comply with a tougher working out schedule for a

prolonged period.

Is vegan bodybuilding diet helpful?

It should be remembered that any denial to protein may fail the progressive approaches towards

bodybuilding. Nutrition is a “must” factor for bodybuilding. It should be observed that nutritional goals

are properly met while consumed on time and as per recommendations. The vegan protein diet for

bodybuilding may appear like it is mentioned below –

 Protein powder – 30g

 Bean pasta – 56g

 Tempeh – 100g

 TVP – 24g

 Tofu – 200g

 Seitan – 45g

 Lupini beans – 100g

 Fava beans – 100g

Soy should be included in the diet to receive 9 most essential amino acids for preparing a female body for

bodybuilding challenges.


Understanding the need of the body for protein consumption is the most important factor. To be prepared

for a proper bodybuilding regime, one needs to follow a proper diet. Women need to accept the fact that

the outburst of the muscles on their bodies would not appear like their male counterparts without steroids.

However, steroids may affect women’s bodies severely. Instead, female bodybuilders may concentrate on

lean muscle gains, which will be similar to that of men. At the same time, proper food intake with

hydration would turn the body capable of dealing with some extreme workout challenges in female


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